Saturday, June 10, 2006

Predator Stimulus Minimization Centers Can House Death Penalty Inmates

(AP) President Bush’s planned Predator Stimulus Minimization Centers will have the flexibility to house death row inmates. The PSMC facilities are intended to hold persons dangerous to the greater population including child molesters, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and the mentally ill not serving as elected government officials. Child molesters, homosexuals, and illegal immigrants are grave threats to America according to the Texas Republican Party. The mentally ill not serving in elected government positions also qualify for detainment in order to keep the general population safe.

New are state laws that allow for the execution of repeat child molesters. This enables the child molester section of a Predator Stimulus Minimization Center to serve as a de facto death row. As these centers are low budget there will be minimal segregation of the detained. The child molesters, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, and mentally ill will be permitted to mix freely in the confines of their center. This should serve as another deterrent for illegal immigrants to cross the border in search of gainful employment.

The stimulus is not being reduced within the facility but any enticements from or dangers to the normal population are eliminated in the President’s plans. The Republican stance is this. Child molesters are dangerous to children of the non illegal alien variety. Homosexuals are harmful to happy people in a heterosexual marriage. Illegal immigrants are a drain on society by milking government benefits and snatching up jobs deeply sought after by most Americans, low income positions with no benefits. And the mentally ill are just widely understood and creepy, so who wants to be around them?

The President looks forward to the completion of the first Predator Stimulus Minimization Center, currently under construction by Halliburton. Tony Snow, White House Spokesman said the planned breaking of a bottle of wine at the gates of the facility should be a real show stopper.

P.S. This post is fiction, except for the detention facility Halliburton is to construct on behalf of the government and laws have been passed in Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Montana providing for the execution of repeat child molesters. And the AP at the beginning of the articles represents the author's initials.

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