Monday, June 05, 2006

Solution for Congressional Ethics Problems

Dear President Bush,

My solution for Congressional ethics problems is to eliminate ethics and elect unethical candidates. Ooopss! We already do that!

Both parties might as well propose there be complete freedom for politicians to accept money from the corporate community. The party of “morals” (that would be Republicans) has a chum line of corruption running behind its party boat. Meanwhile the Democratic meat packers are tossing filet mignons to the land based corporate sharks.

Why would I suggest such a thing? Because of the recent gathering of Mayors in Las Vegas. Corporations paid $1.3 million of the $1.8 million it cost the city to put on the meeting. An ethics expert said “The problem is these (sponsors) want something from Las Vegas and they want something from the other public officials if they're going to expand to other parts of the country. It's a trend that should stop."

The good mayor of Las Vegas defended the event and its funding. Mayor Oscar Goodman, who pushed for several years to bring the conference to Las Vegas to help establish the city's "sophistication," adamantly defends the city's party planning and corporate fundraising. People who think otherwise are "haters," "misanthropes" and "complainers."

Do you recall other stories about Oscar Goodman? This is the man who recommended graffiti artists get their thumbs and hands chopped off. Do sophisticates start drinking at noon on Sunday? At a visit to an elementary school, a fourth grader asked the Mayor what object he would want if stranded on a deserted island. Goodman replied “A bottle of gin.” He is also know to “bet on anything that moves”.

During the Mayor’s lucid moments he seems to have a soft spot in his heart for corporations. He worked on deal for his friend and former client that would allow the developer to do whatever he wanted on land valued at six-eight times what the city was willing to accept. Under pressure from the Attorney General, Oscar had to move to rescind the deal.

This is the likely Democratic challenger for Senator Ensign’s seat come November. Senator Harry Reid endorsed Goodman saying “the mayor is a real vote getter” and “a very, very strong candidate”. If this is the kind of leader Americans elect to “serve” us, our country is in trouble.

Oscar Goodman is simply another version of our mostly divisive, self interested, self serving, ego starved, adulation seekers on Capital Hill. When will the people elect peacemakers? Unfortunately our election systems screen out the people who could help our country, leaving us with the Oscar Goodman’s and Sam Brownback’s of the world. While they are of opposite beliefs, they both wear blinders. Unable to see the larger picture, they only serve their limited constituencies. At least they share a common interest in supporting corporations!

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