Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Like You Iran

Dear President Bush,

The news shows Iran has a similar illegal immigrant problem as the United States. A neighboring country with high unemployment is responsible for almost a million immigrants, taxing the state education and health care system. Does that sound familiar?

The surprise comes as Afghans are our Mexican equivalent. In 2004 Iran purposefully tried to get the Afghan immigrants to leave by cutting healthcare and education. Almost 25% returned to their home country.

Afghanistan has 31 million people and an unemployment rate of 40%. The second newest democracy in the region cannot provide jobs for its own people so they go to Pakistan and Iran. Both Islamic Republics seem to be beating the Afghan democracy as an economic power engine.

When you write back the Iranian President, the two of you can commiserate over your immigrant problems. To think you have something in common other than your shared ability to inflame!

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