Monday, May 15, 2006

KeyMaster to Testify? Consider Advice from “the Old World”

Dear President Bush,

General Michael Hayden will soon testify in a Senate Confirmation hearing. He is also known as the KeyMaster in the Democratixx, a false world presented to the public to keep them unaware. Behind the illusion lies a parasitic realm focused on money and power. The general worked hard behind the scenes gathering information on those who would take down the Democratixx.

As several of those programs recently became public, a number of Senators will use this opportunity to grill the KeyMaster. However, an international version of the Democratixx may provide Mr. Hayden with an appropriate strategy. Ironically it is the French product that could inspire the KeyMaster.

The General’s counterpart in France is known as the SpyMaster. In a scandal involving the highest levels of French government the SpyMaster refuses to testify. The reason is “he cannot trust investigators as they already leaked too much to the press”. How beautiful! It brings to mind the NSA not granting security clearances for Justice Department Investigators to look at the NSA. No wonder it stands for Nobody Stops my Administration.

Please pass this on to the KeyMaster prior to his upcoming Congressional hearing. Not answering the question and blaming the people needing the information is so twisted! Did Agent Cheney come up with this strategy? And doesn’t he have French bloodlines?

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