Monday, May 29, 2006

Two Handful’s of What Make National News?

Dear President Bush,

The ultra conservative Christian Westboro Baptist Church had a handful of protestors at the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day. They suggest soldiers are dying because of our country’s promotion of homosexuality. It is evidence that “God Hates America” for its sinful ways.

Just across the street stood a handful of your good friends from FreeRepublic, the same group that defended you from Cindy Sheehan in Crawford last summer. They promote the opposite, that “God Loves America” and soldiers are dying for an honorable cause, our freedom.

My question to you is how many other “handful’s” of people had a different message this Memorial Day? Why was this story even noteworthy? My guess is most families had more people at their backyard barbeque than was in either “God interpreting” group.

As we all wonder how Muslims will work through their differences, our country is shown a stark example of Christian division. It appears we have similar concerns as our friends in the Middle East. Both have the fundamentalist fringes speaking on the airwaves with their money driving policy at the expense of the moderate religious majority. Think about it and tonight ask God for guidance on this very matter. I’ll do likewise. Write me back with what comes over your channel.

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