Sunday, May 21, 2006

Israel Moving to Check Mate, U. S. Hand Clearly on the Pieces

Dear President Bush,

Were this a game of chess, the fully equipped Israeli side is getting ready to mow down its opponent, a series of Palestinian pawns. With U.S. support in starving the democratically elected Palestinian leadership of funding, Israel is ready to apply the finishing touches. The most recent moves include:

Israel cuts off tax payments to Palestinian authority as Hamas won elections. Hamas rejects the world’s demands to renounce violence and accept the right of Israel to exist. Hospitals are unable to buy supplies and medicines. Israel cuts off gasoline for Palestinian territories.

The Palestinian people suffer and begin to fight amongst themselves. Sporadic violence erupts between Hamas and Fatah political groups. Israel’s Prime Minister refuses to meet with any Palestinian leader as Hamas is a terrorist group and President Abbas cannot even control his own government. Israel releases $11 million of Palestinian tax money for medical supplies, holding onto the remaining $44 million.

Israel’s Defense Ministry approves expansion of 4 West Bank settlements in violation its commitments in the U.S. backed road map to peace. Israel plans unilateral withdrawal from West Bank and not withdrawing to the 1967 borders. Israel wants the U.S. to compensate it for “lost territory” by providing extra aid. Israeli Foreign Minister says road map peace plan remained in force. Abbas said Israel and Palestine must restore regular contact and work toward resuming peace talks.

Israel announces Iran is only months away from producing a nuclear weapon. Israel is not a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation agreement having developed its arsenal of nuclear weapons on the QT.

Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert is delegating several tasks to you as he prepares to visit the U.S. One, Ehud expects you would “lead other nations in taking the necessary measures to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power.” And two, it wants your support for unilateral action in creating the Palestinian territory.

Meanwhile, Arab leaders suggest your Palestinian strategy is off track and will make matters worse. You responded in your usual defensive manner.

Your wife told graduates of Roger Williams University “not to ignore the world”. Would she have them ignore the plight of the Palestinian people? Would she have them observe the one/two setup on Palestinians courtesy of the U.S. and Israel? What does Laura think of the two women and 4 year old boy killed by Israeli assassin missiles yesterday? Does she think the world has had enough intentional violence, death and destruction?

If so, you might want to work on collaborating with other leaders instead of challenging them with inflammatory rhetoric. A recent domestic example came from your speech at the Republican Spring Gala. If you can’t lead on behalf of all Americans, how can you lead on behalf of all people across the globe? It’s like the Gatorade commercial, “Is it in You?” Apparently collaboration is not in you……

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