Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Your Bad Luck in Iraq Just Got Much Worse

Dear President Bush,

If the worldwide news wires carry the quote from the driver of the killed pregnant woman, the already teetering U.S. reputation just took a precipitous dive. The brother of the victim was driving his sister to the hospital in Samarra to deliver her baby. He failed to see the roadblock or heed any warnings. U.S. troops opened fire to disable the vehicle killing the mother to be and her cousin. This is what he told the Associated Press:

May God take revenge on the Americans and those who brought them here," Jassim's brother told the AP. "People are shocked and fed up with the Americans. People in Samarra are very angry with the Americans not only because of Haditha case but because the Americans kill people randomly, especially recently."

Pull the troops out as they will soon be the dynamite in the powder keg. Once it blows, controlling the explosion will be near impossible without looking like the man we deposed.

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