Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush Commences to Dis’ Poor Americans as Un-Democratixx

Dear President Bush,

I caught just a few minutes of you commencement speech in Mississippi. Several comments seem worthy of magnification as they are part of the new facade known as the Democratixx. You highlighted the Mississippi spirit that “sees hope in adversity” and “possibility in pain”? Did you share your budget plans to give more hope to rich and wealthy via tax cuts? Did you note Congress’ plans to create more adversity and deliver pain to the poor via slashing government funding for valuable safety net programs?

In your storytelling you warned the poor to wake up, to get going on creating their own future. “A hopeful future will require your skill and your knowledge.” This sounds great in theory. What can at risk, fragile groups do to pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Might they need a little help, guidance, or direction? What are mentally slow, the mentally ill, the social outcasts to do?

You even admonished “it’s never too late to get a fresh start on life”. The poor better get going because in the Bush/Cheney society everyone gets what they deserve. There are no poor elderly or disabled people going without medications anymore. Whuuuuunnnnnhhh, Whuuuuunnnnnhhh. There are no children left behind education wise. Whuuuuunnnnnhhh, Whuuuuunnnhh. We are strengthening the doctor patient relationship. Whuuunnhhh. Whuuunnnhhhh. Everything the NSA does is legal. Whuuuuunnnnnhhh, Whuuuuunnnnnhhh, Whunnhh.

Better be careful, Mr. President. The ripples in the Democratixx are growing larger and more frequent. As you closed with a prayer, a question arose. Should the illusory Democratixx implode would that be result of God’s will? Think about it…..

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