Wednesday, May 24, 2006

“No Doodee to Flee” Laws Pass in More States

Dear President Bush,

What are naturally dangerous looking persons to do in states like Florida, where should someone feel they are in danger, they can use deadly force with no criminal or civil penalties? What should someone with Tourette’s Syndrome do if they have a cursing outburst in a public place, causing an armed citizen to feel in danger?

“No Doodee to Flee” is the fourth successful program launched by the National Rifle Association in the last few years. It joins the “Holder in the Stroller” program which seeks to arm every child at birth and the “Charlton Alert” initiative which seeks to reunite lost weapons with their loving owners.

The other new program is smaller in scope but targeted, the “Bloomberg Alert” which notifies politicians if any gun control mayors are on their capital grounds. The elected representatives can then take appropriate evasive action although they have “No Doodee to Flee”. How long before Mayor Bloomberg is deemed a dangerous presence?

There are other side effects to the “No Doodee to Flee” laws. Ugly, smelly and mentally ill persons in the following states should take extra precautions not to look dangerous.

Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi Oklahoma, and South Dakota

By inciting even the appearance of danger they can be met with deadly force. Mr. Roberto Alpizar found that out in the Miami Airport.

It is amazing to see the “law and order party” crater to the NRA, especially when it is contrary to recommendations from the law enforcement community. Police associations weighed in to extend the Assault Weapons Ban which Congress let expire and they suggest the “No Doodee to Flee” laws are unnecessary and will likely help criminals.

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