Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Democratixx’s KeyMaster Sworn in as CIA Chief

Dear President Bush,

The man with the keys to the secret parasitic world known as the Democratixx was sworn in today as the new Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. As KeyMaster, Michael Hayden kept parts of the false shadowy world hidden from the general population. It seems the code masks sub surface incompatibilities in the Democratixx.

Things that normally might offend a society founded on individual rights and responsibilities are kept behind lock and key. You know who has the key to access these hidden areas, yourself, our elected Congresspersons and the KeyMaster.

In his opening speech to the Agency, Michael Hayden called the CIA a ligament, a tendon in the intelligence world. Did he share that it is currently strained, even torn by suspect intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Has the tear healed enough for people to have any confidence in the agency’s assessment of Iran? It even missed the elections of Hamas in Palestine.

Hayden also stressed the CIA needs to be competent and cooperative to ensure it remains central. That explains why the federal government is losing its centrality in people’s lives as it is neither competent, nor cooperative. I need not cite the litany of failures under your “leadership” as they are well documented.

The KeyMaster did make one strategy public, his decision to bring back a veteran agent as his deputy saying “… while I have a lot of keys, Stephen Kappes has some I don’t have. Between us we should be able to keep hidden things that would upset the President and the Architect; that is if the Architect does not get indicted over leaking the name of the CIA agent. We must keep classified information classified, unless the Architect orders the President to de-classify such information for release for political gain.”

With that said, the KeyMaster got a puzzled look on his face and slipped through a previously unknown door with the latch locking behind him. Where will he appear next? And what is he hiding with all those locked doors and agents? Will he be giving Agent Cheney his next assignment? What country will Agent Cheney attack next as backtracking from democracy while the U.S. installs its latest Democratixx upgrade? Will it be Bolivia or Venezuela? Might it be Peru or Nicaragua should the wrong candidate win? Write me back, I want to know.

P.S. This post is fiction, except General Hayden was sworn in today. His double swearing in ceremony will occur tomorrow with the second swearer, President Bush. What will he call General Hayden as he is not a piece of paper like the Constitution?

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