Thursday, May 18, 2006

U.S. Presidency is Mis-Knowmer

Dear Chief Partisan Bush,

It is sad to come to the conclusion that the Chief Executive of the United States of America is a title floating somewhere in Einstein’s ether. The American Presidency as practiced is simply the chief partisan occupying the Oval Office. What comes out of their oval orifices is generally remarkably uninspiring.

You raised a record $17 million at the recent Republican Party annual spring gala. Your words at that gathering drive home the point that Americans have no President, simply a chief partisan.

The president repeatedly voiced optimism and signaled a no-holds-barred effort against Democrats, whom he argued would "run up your taxes," increase the deficit, enact shortsighted isolationist policies and fail to protect family values and national security. "We've got something to run on. We've got something other than rhetoric to run on," the president told wealthy donors gathered for the Republican National Committee's annual spring gala. "We're going to run on principles and a strong record, and I'm confident with your help we'll continue to maintain our majorities in the United States Senate and the United States House."

In your second term as Chief Republican occupying the White House you enacted short sighted fiscal policies by dramatically running up the deficit and giving huge tax breaks for the wealthy. Your pre-emptive war strategy turned the United States into an international pariah with your first strike approach supported only by the demented leader of North Korea. With your rhetoric you single handedly started an accelerated globe spanning military buildup.

Your principles are clear. When you said government cannot love, did you mean government can only be neutral or hate? Your party’s abandonment of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in humanity is crystal clear despite the rhetoric it uses otherwise. The question is when will they rise up? Will it be on Election Day this November?

My guess is they will despite spending that $17 million on word smiths, the modern day money changers. At least that is the view from my independent perspective…..

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