Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nation Joins Church & States in Regulating What It Cannot Provide, Love!

Dear President Bush,

While you pronounce “government cannot love”, it has the ability to tamper in the lives of people who truly love each other. The Senate Judiciary Committee just sent such a bill to the floor of that august body. The federal marriage amendment prohibits states from recognizing any form of marriage other than a man and a woman.

Our government’s escalating interest in underpants monitoring disturbs me. Did you see where a municipality bans unmarried people with a family size larger than 3 people from living together? Given the opportunity to change their restrictive ordinance, they passed, they punted, they chose not to do so. Why would a local government worry about the relationship between people in a household?

Your party’s conservative base spends considerable effort on underpants monitoring activities, encouraging the government to write their moral code into law. Political pundits suggest Republicans are using such issues to drive people to the voting booth. Is that the way Republicans show their love, by rousing fear and hate of non heterosexuals? Write me back, I want to know.

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