Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bush Says NSA Not Listening to Domestic Calls

Dear President Bush,

Your pronouncement that the United States is not listening in on domestic calls of ordinary Americans is reminiscent of past pronouncements later shown to be empty of substance. What will come out 6 months from now? Will it be something like:

President Bush revealed today that NSA agents monitoring domestic phone calls are instructed to say “la, la, la loudly as they tap into interstate calls of ordinary Americans. When a known or suspected al Qaeda person is on the line, the la, la, la-ing ceases immediately. After all, if someone from al Qaeda is calling the President wants to know why? "Is he ordering a pizza, trying to get his washing machine fixed, or trying to score some radioactive material from the President of Iran. "

When queried how a call from the President of Iran would be a domestic call, Bush said “Ahmadenijad is a slippery character. One never knows when he will dash across the Mexican border hidden in a throng of agricultural workers.” Bush also cited the program leaked by concerned federal employees is one which Congress has been fully apprised. “I never heard one complaint from any member of Congress about this initiative, but then again I am not at the briefings and they can’t talk about what they hear outside the room. Regardless, I haven’t heard one peep from the people’s representatives. I wouldn’t listen to them anyway.”

Just wanted to let you know, I wouldn’t be surprised….

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