Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Texas Rangers Enforce Law while Bush Ranger Breaks It

Dear President Bush,

James Tobin, a high dollar Bush fundraiser with “Ranger” status was sentenced to 10 months in prison, fined $10,000 and given 2 years probation for impairing the voting process in New Hampshire. Mr. Tobin coordinated a phone jamming campaign of Democrats’ ride request telephone lines on Election Day 2002. He is the third person convicted in the scandal.

As the past governor of Texas you know well the good law enforcement work done by the Texas Rangers. Isn’t it odd that a Bush Ranger excelled in breaking the law? Add that the Republican National Committee paid over $700,000 in legal expenses on behalf of Mr. Tobin and things become even quirkier. It makes one doubt your words right after Hurricane Katrina that you have “zero tolerance” for people breaking the law. It appears Republicans simply have zero tolerance for losing.

How have you kept Mr. Tobin's privileged status from media reports on this case? Jack Abramoff's lesser Pioneer status splashed over the media wires when that story broke. How have you kept James' premier level fundraising position on the down low? Write me back I want to know.

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