Thursday, May 11, 2006

Comrade Wolf Preys on Congress in “The Democratixx”

Dear President Bush,

The Russian President recently called your administration “comrade wolf”. That occurred after V.P. Cheney derided Vladmir Putin’s efforts at democracy. Vladmir shot back a few volleys of his own.

The Bush/Cheney code is distorting our American democracy into The Democratixx, a surreal world of false fronts and secret information. Only the President appears to follow Congress’ laws while in reality he distorts them. The ripple in “the Democratixx” happened to be noted by Senator Arlen Specter. The good Senator from Pennsylvania understands the ramifications of your power grabbing when he says “There may as well soon not be a Congress…”

The Judiciary Committee chair scheduled a hearing next month to explore in more depth the Bush/Cheney code. Will the man purported to say “the Constitution is just a ___ ____ piece of paper” actually take the stand? It is a tricky situation, ooopps! Please pardon my unintended Nixon reference. It appears The Democratixx may really be a sequel, a déjà vu…. Instead of “Tricky Dick”, might we have or an “Unruly Bush”. Hopefully Senator Specter will have some hedge trimmers at the hearing to contain that wild plant.

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