Thursday, May 18, 2006

KeyMaster Keeps Some Doors Locked During Interrogation

Dear President Bush,

It appears CIA Director candidate, General Michael Hayden, knows which doors to open as the KeyMaster for the Democratixx. In his Senate confirmation hearing the General would only show his inquisitors through doors already opened by you as President. When grilled about heretofore unopened doors, the spy chief said “I am not at liberty to talk about that in open session.”

When asked about various forms of prisoner abuse, the General saved his responses for a later closed session. He postponed his answer as to how long a suspect could be held without charges. Candidate Hayden did say he would “affirm the CIA’s proud culture of risk taking”, implying that many more secret doors could be created for which only he would have the keys.

It appears the Democratixx is safe with General Hayden the KeyMaster. With so many locked doors to go through to reveal the shadowy, parasitic world of the Democratixx, how could even the best revolutionary get through? It would have to be someone who can see the Bush/Cheney code…

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