Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush Considers Pulling “KeyMaster” Nominee to Maintain Democratixx

Dear President Bush,

Now that people are becoming aware of the Democratixx, what are you going to do? It is no longer completely hidden as reports of large scale NSA phone record accumulation and analysis hit the inside pages of daily newspapers. Did Scott not have enough of those blue pills in his last round of brownies distributed to the media? Another story reported the Justice Department’s investigation of the NSA stymied by the NSA’s not granting investigators security clearance. Add to that Congress’ concern over your use of signing statements to avoid the people’s laws.

The false front hiding your shadowy and elusive world is beginning to break down. Soon General Michael Hayden, also known as the KeyMaster, will testify under oath to a Congressional Committee. The man with the secrets will be compelled to tell the truth to a jilted body of Senators. Should the confirmation hearings be televised, the American people would get to watch. Will you keep the KeyMaster as your nominee for the CIA Chief or will you pull him to maintain the illusion of the Democratixx? Write me back, I want to know.

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