Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tony Snow’s 1st Press Briefing Quotable

Dear President Bush,

Tony did some dancing in his first official press briefing as he dodged those NSA phone monitoring bullets. In his defense he brought up the boogeyman.

Al Qaida does not believe in transparency. What al Qaida believes in is mayhem”

You are aware of my penchant for slightly altering phrases. I propose the following:

“The White House does not believe in transparency. What we saw from the White House after Katrina was mayhem”

Did you tell Tony about your omission of LifeCare patient deaths and it corporate ownership by the Carlyle Group from the White House Lessons Learned report? Did you give him the head’s up as to your Dad’s employment status with Carlyle? After all you say you believe in transparency, but those watching know Bushisms mean the opposite.

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