Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jethro Backs Jeb for White House

Dear President Bush,

Did you hear who the Republicans might be running for your spot in 2008? One of the Beverly Hillbillies! Jethro commented that he thought his father Jeb would make a fine President of the United States. Upon being interviewed, Jeb said:

“I might like to sit a spell there in the White House. I don’t reckon I can do any worse than the current fella. Do they have a cement pond or will I have to walk over to the reflecting pool? Are they still keeping tractors out of the pool? Cause it can be mighty fun to take the ole’ workhouse for a dip. It doubles as a tractor wash, killing two birds with one stone. I appreciate Jethro’s confidence in me. He is a good boy, even if a little slow.”

Better warn your brother he may have some competition.

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