Wednesday, May 10, 2006

NRA News Update: Charlton Alert Ends in Tragedy

Dear President Bush,

A modified AK-47 was kidnapped by a mentally ill teenager and held captive until the deranged teen used it to attack a police station. The Charlton Alert had been issued for the lost weapon after a Virginia teen purloined the piece from a respected gun owner. Despite a quick announcement, neither authorities nor the public found the stolen weapon prior to the disaster.

The troubled teen also had a high powered rifle and five handguns. All weapons have been recovered and in safe keeping. The AK-47 will undergo counseling for its role in the attack. Long term therapy is likely as the modified assault weapons blasted over 70 rounds. The National Rifle Association is taking up a collection, encouraging upstanding gun owners everywhere to contribute.

The Police union is reminding the public of the President and Congress’ failure to renew the Assault Weapons Ban despite widespread agreement from law enforcement agencies that the ban be extended.

P.S. This post is fiction except there was a tragic attack on a police station by a disturbed teen & law enforcement did urge renewal of the assault weapons ban which Congress let expire….

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