Monday, May 15, 2006

Rove Blames Spreading the Democratixx for Record Bush Low Ratings

Dear President Bush,

Your close personal advisor, Karl Rove, considers spreading the Democratixx to Iraq the main reason for your record low approval ratings. It appears the Iraqi people have major compatibility problems, as people there don’t seem to accept the program. This “incompatibility” caused a ripple in the fabric of the false world that spread back to its home shores. It expressed as a déjà vu from 1954 when the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Iranian government to restore threatened corporate access to the country’s rich oil reserves. That déjà vu could happen again at anytime given Bolivia and Venezuela’s recent actions. Both democracies recently pulled “an Iran” by nationalizing part of their rich oil and gas deposits.

When you layered your pronouncement that “democracies don’t war” over the ripple, the core of the Democratixx came under severe stress. It is odd that Karl is blaming the Democratixx as he is one of its chief architects. Mr. Rove is the master builder of false fronts, dubious connections, and horrific terrors. Did he not build it strong enough or is it lacking in a major area? Is Karl a major proponent of the new upgrade to the Christocratixx? If you think you have trouble now exporting the Democratixx, wait until you push the Christian version into the Muslim world. It would have Tom Tancredo riding a nuclear bomb into Mecca.

Thank Karl for his insights but you might consider another source to serve as your right hand advice man, someone who believes “there is no way to peace, peace is the way”. When people practice peace, all illusions disappear.

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