Thursday, May 11, 2006

NSA Agents Dispatched for Democratixx Threat Reduction

Dear President Bush,

Your version of The Democratixx is doing its best to stay hidden from the people. Recently dispatched to the old Soviet Bloc, Agent Cheney did his best to steer eyes to the “loss of democracy abroad”, while ignoring its very deterioration here at home. As you are well aware, agents in the Democratixx can reproduce themselves. They can be anywhere, at any time. This is important as threats can simply pop up. Thus, “Nobody Stops my Administration” serves as the inspiration for all NSA agents.

NSA Agents might be due for a medal for their heroic work, above and beyond the call of duty. Two programs come to mind. The first involves the widespread analysis of American’s phone records. The program’s tentacles reach into homes and businesses of tens of millions of citizens, most of which are not suspected of any crime. One insider called it “the largest database anywhere in the world”.

The other medal winning program dealt with an internal threat, successfully stymieing a Justice Department investigation into the NSA’s very operations. How did it so effectively deal with this looming danger? By not granting Justice Department lawyers security clearance to conduct their investigation, the NSA wiped away the threat with a swipe of its hand.

Future threats will need to be quelled. How will agents deal with a Congress unhappy about the shift from democracy to the Democratixx? How will the architect of the NSA fare in his upcoming hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee? How long will tens of millions of Americans stay unaware of the Democratixx, the illusory world that seemingly values them only around election time? Has the Democratixx bypassed even this dependency on the people’s vote? What is behind the false front of the election system in the Democratixx? Write me back, I want to know and please don't send Agent Cheney.

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