Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sleazy Bush Congratulates Slippery Olmert?

Dear President Bush,

Did you high five Israeli Prime Minister Olmert on his Bushlike Gordian knot adorning the Palestine-Israel peace present? Your untie-able knot happens to be domestic in nature, the National Security Agency's spying on Americans here at home. First the Justice Department attempted to examine NSA activities for illegalities. It could not wrangle its way through the necessary security clearances and left defeated and in shame. The Federal Communications Commission took its turn at the complex knot of domestic spying. It too was thwarted.

Without NSA granted security clearances, neither outside group can investigate the National Security Agency. By denying such clearances, the NSA remains above investigation and thus above the law. Was this the inspiration of Prime Minister Olmert’s peace plans you recently praised?

Mr. Olmert’s Gordian knot is a bit different as it has a time limitation. Either Palestinian leadership steps up within the next 6 months or the West Bank annexation game begins. Here’s the beauty of his plan that you likely appreciate. Currently, Mr. Olmert recognizes no Palestinian leader for negotiation purposes! He looks like he “wants” to meet, but he doesn’t. All he has to do is wait 6 months, declare no suitable negotiator and annex away!

Just like the NSA can wipe away an investigation with the swipe of the hand, Mr. Olmert can prance away with new Palestinian real estate while simultaneously crapping on your roadmap to peace. All either group has to do is nothing to get their way, grant no security clearances or recognize no leader. It is reminiscent of bills Congress passes that automatically increase their pay or national debt escalations that occur on a scheduled basis. Did Karl advise Mr. Olmert on this strategy or did Mr. Hadley come up with this one all on his own?

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