Friday, May 19, 2006

Scary Chinese Spying PC’s!

Dear President Bush,

Why did the SEC allow the partial sale of IBM’s personal computer division to a Chinese company if it was worried about improper use of those PC’s to spy on America? Better yet, why did the State Department purchase 16,000 of the machines if they had such a concern? A Virginia representative raised concerns after learning 900 of those machines would be used for highly classified work.

Does that mean the federal government does not have secure networks? Is it not capable of assessing or finding any hidden spy software, should it even exist?

The Chinese government owns only 28 percent of the company, IBM retained 13 percent and international investors hold the rest. If the Chinese are that astute at integrating spy materials into their products, I suggest you check your White House coffee makers, toaster ovens, bagel cookers, microwaves, even the tires on your limo.

My brother in law works for the largest small appliance company in the U.S. and virtually all of their production is done in China. If they hit every PC and coffee maker what would they find out? Would they learn the NSA is looking back at them?

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