Friday, May 19, 2006

Strike Two! Bush Ignores Saudi Foreign Minister’s Advice Once Again

Dear President Bush,

As a baseball man, you realize you only get three strikes in your turn at bat? Strike one came when you ignored Prince Saud al-Faisal’s advice on Iraq which turned out to be right on target. He predicted sectarian strife prior to your ill advised and ill informed invasion of Iraq. The fruits of your strategies are evident today.

Strike two came just days ago when the longtime Saudi foreign minister suggested your policies towards Hamas and Palestine would radicalize a destitute population and set back peace initiatives with Israel. For that the Prince got a summons to the White House. How you convinced him to call that pitch a ball, I don’t know? However it is too late as the umpire already had you down for two strikes.

Post meeting with you and your henchmen, Prince Saud said “I came out fully convinced that the president is doing everything that he can to bring stability and security to the region of the Middle East”. Did you note he didn’t say peace between Palestine and Israel? He only referred to “the region”. My guess is the Prince did not change his mind, but being the gentleman that he is, will give you the time to succeed or fail. He has told you so in the past. Will he get an opportunity to do that again?

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