Thursday, May 18, 2006

NRA Wants to Work with Local Police & Mayors to Prevent Future Charlton Alerts, Feds Exploring Crazy Bessie Alerts

Dear President Bush,

The National Rifle Association is proposing local mayor and police chiefs formally signify their intent to collaborate with the NRA to prevent the tragedy of separation of firearms from their owners. After Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans a record number of Charlton alerts were issued as search and rescue authorities found abandoned firearms. The NRA worked diligently to get owners and weapons reunited, even taking legal measures.

Will the Mayors and police chiefs sign the requested pledge to never forcibly take away a firearm from a law abiding citizen? How will the Florida officials react as the state passed a law enabling legal gun owners to respond with force should they feel threatened? Could a gun owner shoot and kill someone in the Sunshine state and still be considered law abiding?

The only group concerned about gun proliferation seems to be local authorities. They recently convened a meeting to address the issue. The federal government is more interested in reducing the threat of mad cow disease and is enacting a cattle registration system. Shootings comprise the number 1 killer of police officers annually. I am not aware of one policeman dying from mad cow disease or its human variant.

I fully expect Congress to enact the Crazy Bessie Alert to address the serious public safety problems in the United States. Last summer’s Bankruptcy Bill provides the model for addressing a serious problem while ignoring its number one cause, high medical bills. So why would the feds register anything that actually kills lots of people? Write me back, I want to know your thoughts on these matters.

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