Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bush Working Against Two Clocks Attached to ….

Dear President Bush,

The news reported you are working against two clocks, one for Medicare Drug Program and the other for upcoming November elections. What it didn’t say is those two clocks are timers for a complex series of interconnected explosives.

The first clock is set to go off May 15th. After the alarm rings seniors signing up for the new Medicare prescription benefit pay a price penalty. As each lollygagger steps up post May 15, the register rings on another angry senior voter.

The second Part D clock has a delayed timer. Seniors must pass through a period of non-coverage, accumulating $3,600 in out of pocket costs, before hitting the really good benefit. This gap is commonly called “the donut hole”. When the maximum number of seniors hits the donut hole, the alarm will ring. Will it be prior to the November elections? If it is anywhere close to lever pulling time, you can expect the Gray Panthers to be out in force.

The news closed with Republicans hoping seniors, who play a major role in non-presidential elections, will give them credit for the program. I think they will!

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