Thursday, July 19, 2007

Next Bush Target, Lantern Sodden

"Karl, the next guy we need to attack in an unsavory manner is that #@*^# blogger Lantern Sodden. He chaps my ass! How did he know I ordered foul mouthed Fran to ix-nay the Carlyle Groupay from the LL report on Hurricane-ay Katrina-ay? And how did he find out I skipped serving in Vietnam so I wouldn't have a conflict of interest in withdrawing U.S. troops from a successful victory over communism during my second term? Does he read my mind? Is he tapping into my reality? Whatever, just be sure to get his State of the Division blog shut down. Use copyright violations like we did on that gossip blogger. Sue him for millions and use RNC funds to pay the legal fees like with did with that Tobin fellow. As an independent Lantern has no deep pocket. After a few minutes with attorneys from Baker Botts, he'll be screaming bankruptcy. While I've already protected drug companies from liability, bloggers are still fair game! Screw the free press and the little guy!"

For those people wondering why President Bush would take such an action, peruse away and if motivated check out Sodden's two published books before they disappear from the Library of Congress, New Suits for World Leaders and One Fist. Two Fist, Red Fist, Blue Fist. Will we soon see each other on a rendition flight? Likely not as we'll both be hooded. Hopefully no one will be sitting on our chest. Yes, this is the state of our division...

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