Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bush Rolls Dice in Final Risk Move

David Brooks from the New York Times reported on his 110 minute meeting with our nation's CEO. He came away with the impression that George Bush is on a mission from history/democracy/God. How does one combine those three ideas without a non sequiter?

The other thing Brooks noted was George's commitment to "leadership". Unfortunately David is as ignorant of leadership as his host. The form President Bush follows is closer to Machiavellian than any modern theories/practices involving knowledge, variation, people, systems and interdependence. Bush is a horrific leader when any measure of 21st century leadership is applied.

I came away with a different impression after reading Mr. Brooks hero worship piece. It's obviously an all night RISK game with his Yale buds for Georgie. Only Bush is playing with real people's lives, not colored wooden blocks on a cardboard surface. After the last die rolls, what will David do? Will he follow him to Paraguay when the great Bush migration occurs? And what flavor of the cool aid are the Bushies drinking? Remind me to avoid that one...

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