Thursday, July 19, 2007

Carlyle Group Should Have Free Shares in SemGroup after IPO

The Carlyle Group, a private equity underwriter (PEU) will make out quite well from a subsidiary's IPO. The proceeds should cover the firm's initial investment. SemGroup intends to sell 12.5 million shares at $22 a share with total proceeds of $258 million. Carlyle owns 30% of the parent company and stands to gain $77 million. Just two and a half years ago the PEU purchased their interest in SemGroup for $75 million. This leaves Carlyle with a $2 million gain and free shares, as according to the prospectus they still control 30% of the parent corporation after the public offering of only half of the sub.

How do the Bush tax cuts save Carlyle money? A 5% savings on a $39 million profit equates to $2 million. The PEU doubles their money while saving on taxes. How much will their executives save as their proceeds are taxed at 15% vs. 35% like ordinary companies? All this so Bush can threaten a veto on efforts to expand CHIP to cover more people? The money changers are deep inside the temple while the poor beg for alms outside...

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