Tuesday, July 10, 2007

iPope NoNo to Show Final Rewards & Punishments

The Vatican expects to come out with a smaller version of the iPope the end of this year. It will be based on the smaller NoNo technology for which Apple is famous. (How else do you think Adam got thrown out of the garden? God caught him playing with his Apple?)

The NoNo technology involves the wheel which controls the iPope's functions. After entering in the religion or denomination the wheel indicates the final resting place for that person's soul. It's like a high tech Ouiji board, except witchcraft gets you a straight ticket to Hades, which in a few decades will be the planet Earth. So buy fast to find out your final destination according to Pope Benedict XVI! Purgatory, Hell, Limbo, Heaven, Guantanamo Bay, Nirvana, there are so many choices...

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