Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sprint Sheds Customers

Sprint cut 1,000 wireless customers because they called customer service too often. My wife and I have two phones from Sprint and deciphering the bill every month is a challenge. Numerous times it appears we have been charged for calls that are "included" in our plan. Just the other day she called customer service and was on hold for SprintSpeed, some 15-20 minutes. Please let them cancel us as their hefty termination fees will be waived.

Rather than improve the quality of their service, Spring aims to improve the quality of their customer base. As Dr. Deming would say "off to the Milky War!" which roughly translates to leaders making bizarre incremental decisions because the distance between two points is small. It's only a thousand customers concerned about service. Who cares?

For more evidence of off to the Milky Way, look at Texas electrical providers under deregulation. The bills have gone up, one must enter a long term arrangement like the cell phone companies to get even the slightest break in price, and huge early termination fees abound. China makes crap and the U.S. sells crummy service. I know who's rolling over in his grave.

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