Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bush Learned Lessons from Katrina

Hurricane Katrina resurfaced in the Q & A session in Cleveland yesterday. President Bush took the question head on.

We learned a lot of lessons from Katrina. Lesson one is, is that we've got to make sure local governments are better prepared to respond. Lesson two is that there's seamless decision-making between the state and local government. And lesson three is, is that if need be, the federal government needs to move troops in there, regardless of what the local people want.

Did the President accomplish what he hoped? Delegate blame to overwhelmed local government. Check. Then delegate blame to overwhelmed local and state governments. Did that. Then assert the right the President already had, but chose not to exercise. Check.

And be sure not to mention what the White House didn't learn, which is who actually coordinated hospital patient evacuations from New Orleans and the hospital with the highest patient death toll. Neither group got one mention in the President's Lessons Learned report.

If the public paid attention to the President's tome it learned the Bush team is willing to bury information to protect its high dollar political insiders. The Carlyle Group sends a big thank you bouquet! And don't worry that their legal defense blames the federal government, the gift that keeps on giving to Carlyle & Company...

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