Thursday, July 19, 2007

Experts Weighing In Are Subject to Unsavory Reprisals

Any subject matter experts contributing their voice to the public debate on an issue are free game for such unsavory attacks according to a federal judge. Their choice to weigh in on matters important to the nation alone is justification for lying, cheating and law breaking on the part of federal officials. Those who thought citizens had a right to redress via a court of law are sadly mistaken.

So what nefarious plans do the Bushies have for the blogger that actually endured in a river flooded dead hospital in southwest Virginia and evacuated a Texas Gulf Coast facility before then record Hurricane Gilbert. State of the Division not only weighed in on the Bush administration's horrific performance in letting acute care patients swelter in deadly facilities, he blasted their follow up investigation, the White House Lessons Learned report for its numerous omissions. One of which The Carlyle Group is most grateful. So what do the Bushies have in store? What kind of reprisal might they proffer?

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