Monday, July 02, 2007

Carlyle Goes on Spending Spree

The politically connected private equity firm opened its fat wallet this past week to acquire more companies, Manor Care, Virgin Media, and Telephia Inc. The cost of the three purchases total over $30 billion. Manor Care is in the long term care business while Virgin Media is a British cable company and Telephia measures consumer behavior and media use in the telecom and mobile device markets. Calryle sub, The Nielsen Company is buying Telephia for an undisclosed sum, otherwise the total would be higher.

After the way Carlyle took care of patients in New Orleans LifeCare facilities post Hurricane Kartina, I'm not sure I want to be a Manor Care patient anytime soon. As for the media acquisitions, Carlyle wants to control the information shared with the masses. So does their major client, the U.S. government. Will the British government soon sign on? Carlyle and the stiff upper lips were partners in QinetiQ...

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