Friday, July 13, 2007

What the World Needs Now, is War, Sweet War

The United States Senate voted 97-0 on a statement saying Iran has committed acts of war against the U.S.A. Who were the three not voting? One is the "serious sinning" Senator from Lousiana. He's been A.W.O.L from the Capital since the revelation of his using prostitutes over a number of years. I hear President Bush is warming up the Presidential pardoning pen for another round of "get out of jail free" cards for law breaking Republicans.

Now that the Senate has given the War President carte blanche to attack Iran, what will the crazed chief executive do? Why what he's always done, why should we expect anything different? As for results, it's a dangerous world, made ever more so by George's self fulfilling prophecies. That his friends in the defense and oil industries are profiting wildly is just an odd occurence, maybe divine intervention. Thus we have "prophets for profit"...

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