Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bush's 50 Year War

Despite the Marines recent training on "battlefield ethics" in Iraq, problems remain. One involves some 80% of the Iraqi people wanting U.S. soldiers to leave their country. Another came to light during a military trial. A soldier said they were "ordered to crank up the violence" while another stated Marines consider all Iraqi men part of the insurgency.

Wouldn't you hate to be part of the 20% that want American soldiers to remain in country, especially an Iraqi male? The conditions on the ground ensure continued mayhem. How long will it take for the U.S. military to rid Iraq of all its insurgents, in this case some 13 million males? Bush may just get one of his wishes, a long war.

However, his administration's desire to pass this ship of fools off to the next president may come back to bite the Bush family. In thirty years, George Prescott Bush could be managing the withdrawal from both Iraq and the East Coast (from sea level rise). His uncle George W. could be selling bottled water from Paraguay or be in jail for war crimes. I know which is more likely. Agua por favor...

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