Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bush Team Says Nixon Innocent

In the case of FBI domestic spying the Bush Administration said the government doesn't break laws when it commits "glitches" or "makes mistakes". These errors are not actual violations of the law, much as your foot falling asleep increases pressure on your gas pedal causing the car to accelerate beyond the legal speed limit. Of course explaining this "glitch" to the judge will get that reckless driving ticket thrown out.

Even more comical, internal documents reveal such violations were reported to Justice Chief Alberto Gonzales' office prior to his testimony before Congress on the domestic wiretapping program. His defense for telling the people's legislature that no violations had occurred? Alberto hadn't read the report! You can only share what you know and with Alberto, that ain't much. Hazy memories, unread reports, what's next? Did he get his law degree from a mail order program in the Carribean?

So what's the public to think about these two recent plops in our nation's political toilet bowl? First, it appears the government is incapable of breaking the law. Using this logic Nixon's break-in and cover up are just part of fun Washington hi jinks gone awry. Nixon's mendacity involved illegal domestic spying. For that mistake a number of people actually went to jail, as opposed to similarly untruthful Scooter Libby.

Second, government leaders don't have to do anything, read reports, make decisions, keep files, take notes, use calendars, record summaries of phone conversations, keep e-mails, etc. They get a free pass on the things leaders in other organizations do every day so when it comes time to justify the basis for their actions they can say "I don't have a recollection of that." Now, that should be illegal!

As an odd footnote, a recent audiotape was discovered for the interaction between Nixon and the Chinese girl pictured above. Tricky Dick said "In thirty years, you'll own a factory selliing goods to the U.S. If they treat me bad as President, make sure Americans pay for shunning me." The little girl replied "With their money or their life?" "Both" shot back Tricky. It appears his wishes were granted...

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