Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Survivor: Vanunu

Two years before the United States mistakenly shot down an Iranian passenger airplane that became the inspiration for the hit TV show Lost, the world learned of another game of survival. In Survivor: Vanunu, contestants paid the price for revealing Israel's nuclear weapons program. An Israeli whistle blower gave details of Israel's program to a British newspaper in 1986, revealing the Jewish State's hundreds of nuclear warheads, sixth largest in the world. For this Mordechi Vanunu spent 18 years in jail, 11 in solitary confinement.

For 21 years Israel continued its policy of "nuclear ambiguity", of never acknowledging or denying having a nuclear weapons program on their Jewish island. However, after Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert slipped up last year, someone had to pay. So Mordechai Vanunu was sent back to jail for 6 months for violating his parole. His attorney said the limitations placed on Vanunu "had no equal in any other democratic country" and called the sentence "unreasonable."

America's double standard persists today as it presses hard on Iran while ignoring Israel. I believe the U.S. and Israel already have clear military plans to deal with Iran. Senator Joe Lieberman's rhetoric "that Iran has already declared war on the U.S." is predictive of future conflict. My guess is America will try to keep Tehran busy at the negotiating table while Israel pulls an Iraq.

Just as the Jewish state bombed Saddam's plant in the 1980's, they'll launch a surprise attack on Iranian sites. Will Israel use a tactical nuke against Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities in the next 6 months? Is that why Mr. Vanunu was put away?

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