Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pentagon Says U.S. Should Still be in Vietnam

In a stinging rebuke a Pentagon underling bitch slapped Hillary Clinton for supporting America's enemies. The ex-Cheney aide's reply suggested "planning" for troop withdrawals aided the enemy in Vietnam, Lebanon and Somalia (where we weren't supposed to be in the first place as nation building is bad!) Given President Bush's 50 year war time frame, the U.S. would just be winding down operations in Vietnam despite the fall of the Soviet Union.

Of course, the Pentagon didn't mention anything about host countries ending our invitations. Saudi Arabia kicked us out after 9-11. Wasn't that a demand of Osama bin Laden's? Why didn't Cheney's attack dog mention capitulating to terrorists in that instance? Of course that got sold as the invasion of Iraq "made the region a safer place". Yes, you can stop laughing...

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