Thursday, July 19, 2007

Can Condi Get Any Sadder?

Condi Rice, the United States' beleagured Secretary of State pleads that she's still in charge. She did her best to spin ex. British Prime Minister Tony Blair's appointment as Middle East envoy on behalf of the Quartet in a positive light.

Condi said she sensed a "kind of momentum" building in Middle East peace efforts, including Blair's appointment as Quartet envoy and Bush's call for a meeting this fall between Israel, the Palestinians and neighboring Arab states. On her way to Lisbon, she hailed Blair as a historic and passionate leader, saying his debut as envoy could breath new life into long-stalled talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

And how long have those talks with Israel and Palestinian leaders been stalled? Virtually Ms. Rice's whole time in office. Hmmm? And what role will this historic and passionate figure of Mr. Blair play in the Middle East? Tony will help the Palestinians with their infrastructure and economy! These are code words for giving Western businesses the chance to sell goods and build things.

Recall a year ago Ms. Rice spoke of democratic "birth pangs" in the region. After twelve months of labor what does she have to show, a "kind of momentum"? That would get an OB/GYN doctor sued for malpractice.

So what will Condi do? Supervise, just as she did at Tiger Woods' recent golf tournament outside D.C. Tony's work will "compliment U.S. led diplomatic efforts" as "the United States is committed to lead in coordination with the Quartet."

As usual Bush won't play second fiddle to anyone, not even his old buddy Tony. Condi ended with "perhaps we can finally deliver." Yes, perhaps...

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