Wednesday, July 04, 2007

China Fails on Quality

Over a month ago I wrote on the dangerous intersection between Chinese manufacturers pursuit of profit at the expense of the consumer and the Bush administration's preference for voluntary trade measures.

The Chinese revealed the sorry state of their manufacturing capabilities. From a wide range of tested products, nearly 20% were found to be below standard. Inspectors attempted to show a positive spin saying 80% passed the test.

What happens when one fifth of the thousands of parts going into a new Chinese General Motors car are below standard? Unfortunately, American consumers may soon find out. When will the U.S. government and business leaders wake up and learn how to deliver quality goods and services?

"You cannot inspect quality into a product. It is already there." Dr. W. Edwards Deming

One man already taught us the way and he remains widely ignored outside Japan. U.S. business leaders already have "been there and done that". Despite all his talk of the Japanese miracle, George Bush ignores the American leader credited with Japan's transformation.

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