Thursday, February 15, 2007

Who’s Attacking Who?

It took me days to become curious enough to find out the real story in the Edward’s campaign blogging crisis. For some reason I thought the greater Catholic church had been offended by the two ladies postings. Instead I find out it is the Catholic League, a conservative advocacy group similar on many positions to other fundamentalist Christian organizations. Then I find out its leader can give the potty mouth girls a run for their money as he talks about Hollywood’s “like for anal sex”.

Why can't someone comment on an organization or an aspect of that organization’s beliefs without attacking all members? President Bush does that when he speaks of the good people of Iran while attacking their government. Why is pointing out things to the Catholic church not simply attacking its leaders as well, leaving the millions of good Catholics unscathed?

Bonnie Erge, columnist says the two Edwards bloggers "hurled invectives at all believers". The piece also stated:

Extremists exist in the hierarchy of just about every large scale, organized religious group. Some even claim the right to dictate to followers how to live their lives. It is religious extremists who abuse this power whose behavior should be examined, not the broad swath of all adherents to one particular faith.

It appears the Catholic League fits this description, but the columnist chose to not make that point. Does it also describe the greater Catholic Church?

Odd times with all the screaming thin skinned people making the news...

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