Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Cold War Arms Race in Outer Space is Bush Inspired

Twenty five years ago could anyone envision Russia calling for an international treaty to stop an arms race? Nope, they were building weapon for weapon with then U.S. President Ronald Reagan. How things have changed since then.

Today, China joins the Russians in pleading for a space weapons ban treaty under the Conference for Disarmament in Geneva. Who blocks the development of such plans? The United States stands belligerently, asserting its right to space and measures needed to keep space safe (otherwise known as space weapons). President Bush signed such an order last fall. It also blocks the development of treaties restricting America’s “rights” to dominate space.

The arms race Russian President Putin described last week is very real. It covers all fronts from weapons of mass destruction to control of space and info-space or the information super highway. America intends to control it all.

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