Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To Reduce Threat of WMD’s Make More?

In the ever present world of Bush paradox, America will reduce the threat of worldwide weapons of mass destruction by maintaining our nuclear weapons superiority. U.S. dominance motivates smaller states to develop nuclear bombs as an “equalizing advantage” according the Project for the New American Century.

Yet that same document says “U.S. nuclear superiority is nothing to be ashamed of; rather, it will be an essential element in preserving American leadership in a more complex and chaotic world.”

Larger states are joining those smaller ones in the new Bush inspired nuclear arms race. Russia just announced a weapons modernization effort worth $190 billion. It includes many nuclear capable missile systems, both fixed and mobile. One expert had this to say about Russia’s motivation:

"The Russian leadership believes that a nuclear parity with the United States is vitally important because it allows it to conduct an equal dialogue on other issues," said an independent military analyst, Alexander Golts.

So both bigger and smaller states develop new WMD’s to get on more equal footing with the U.S. You’d think they were dealing with a bully making the world more complex and chaotic…

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