Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another Rich White Guy Rallies to Bush’s Aid

With the specter of a Republican loss of the Presidency in 2008, Australia’s Prime Minister decided to tamper in American elections a full year and 9 months early. John Howard called a Democratic Barack Obama victory as disastrous for the Middle East and an aid to al Qaeda.

So what has Mr. Howard done to back up his bold talk? Australia has 1,400 troops mostly in non-combat roles. The U.S. has 170,000 and Australia 1,400. It’s obvious who is doing the heavy lifting and who is along for the ride. Did you just pay your fare Mr. Howard with that remark?

And how many children or grandchildren does Mr. Howard have serving this noble mission in Iraq? Can you show us your commitment John, instead of bashing others lack thereof?

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