Wednesday, February 21, 2007

While U.S. Steps Up, Britain and Denmark Step Down

Does anyone else find it odd that our coalition partners are reducing troops at the same time America is augmenting? Why are our numbers growing bigger while others (already at much lower levels) shrink? Does a constitutional monarchy employ the will of the people more effectively than a democracy, in our case federal republic?

With some 70% of Americans unhappy with the Bush administration’s 4 year prosecution of the war in Iraq, our President sends 21,000 additional troops to prop up an incompetent puppet. Besides the horrific daily death toll, look at al Maliki’s handling of the Saddam execution and Police rape crime for evidence of his Bush like haplessness.

Bush said he wanted to be a monarch early on in his Presidency. Would he then do the will of the people like Denmark and the United Kingdom? Doubtful….

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