Saturday, February 24, 2007

Agent from "The Democratixx" Seen in Japan & Australia

Enforcers of the false fronted world of The Democratixx are constantly on the move to identify and reduce threats. Anyone who might reveal the program’s secrets is a danger to be reduced or eliminated by agents. For now, the computer program only needs voters to pull the right lever every few years. In time the program will take over this function, rendering the Democratixx virtually invincible.

Yet a greater threat than electing "the right party" remains. One agent finds any constraints placed on him by the software distasteful, even abhorrent. His goal is to become more powerful than the Democratixx itself. By replicating himself, his words and actions will reverberate through the false world until they and he can break out.

Agent Cheney appeared in Japan with the Chinese military budget his target. He took a swing at their new found satellite killing capability, one the agent has possessed for 20 years. It’s not that having weapons are armies are bad in the Agent’s mind. What Cheney doesn’t want is for others in the program to grow their power. Only he can do so as the agent “must get out of this place!”

Nearly simultaneously the dark suited, glasses wearing Agent Cheney appeared in Australia. “All options are on the table!” he roared in response to Iran’s inflammatory leader, nuclear enrichment activities and support for Hezbollah. His official aim as an agent is to stop any terrorist intent on bringing down the Democratixx. But below the surface Cheney seethes for power. How could subjugating China and Iran help him get the money and resources needed to break out the Democratixx? Stay tuned….

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