Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bush Decrees Trounce International Rules

President Bush’s secret world encompassing decrees beat long standing international rules and agreements any day. The Eurpean Union found this out as it investigates secret CIA flights over its sovereign territory. Their findings show some 1,254 secret CIA flights entered European airspace since September 11th, 2001. The European Union believes these renditioning flights are against international air traffic rules and violate long standing human rights principles.

Fortunately Condoleeza Rice has a lawyer on her staff to challenge any group actually wanting to monitor the use of their airspace. John Bellinger shelved his usual elevating legalese when he called the report an elementary school like “unbalanced, inaccurate, and unfair”. The EU's action calls for a traditional 4 step response by the Bush administration.

Step #1 Paint the practice as legal without referring to any existing laws on the books. John Bellinger said “"I can understand concerns about specific incidents but we should not somehow suggest that all intelligence activity is something illegal or suspicious.”

Step #2 Color any countries employing their own democratic legal system as unhelpful and potentially aiding the terrorists. Bellinger said countries like Germany and Italy conduting their own investigations into CIA kidnappings, "have not been helpful with respect to necessary cooperation between the United States and Europe." Remember who else "has not been helpful" in Iraq? Yep, those terrorist nation's of Iran and Syria, now joined by Germany & Italy.

Step #3 Threaten to withhold U.S. cooperation (which usually involves large sums of money). John quipped “I do think these continuing investigations can harm intelligence cooperation, that's simply a fact of life."

Step #4 Show President Bush at the bow of a large ship, hair blowing in the wind and yelling “I’m King of the World!”

Yes, that should bring Europe in line as they have a long history of monarchies. It’s Americans without such experience that fail to recognize our own government…

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