Saturday, February 10, 2007

Russian Leader Spies PNAC in Action

Russian President Vladmir Putin might have well been reading excerpts from the 2000 position paper published by the Project for the New American Century. He cited smaller nations developing nuclear weapons in response to America’s military power, in use in several countries today. (page 7 of PNAC document)

Putin noted America’s overstepping its borders in every way. PNAC called for the U.S. to rule the modern seas of outer space and “info-space” (on page 51). The news reported several reactions from American leaders.

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates had little to say about Putin's remarks, noting only that "he was very candid."

Sen. Joseph Lieberman said Putin's charge that the U.S. "aspired to get unipolar power or acted unilaterally is just not borne out by the facts."

In the paper’s introduction it states “America is the world’s only superpower”. Sorry Joe, according to the PNAC, most of who serve in high positions in the Bush administration, the U.S. already has it. Aspiration is not needed.

PNAC goes on to say preserving this “desirable strategic situation” requires a globally preeminent military capability both now and in the future. Does this sound the basis for an ongoing arms race? Doh!

As for Dr. Gates, the United States should be so very candid. President Bush and Vice President Cheney hide behind Executive privilege every chance they get. After all, we supposed to be the democracy. Doh!

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